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Recent content by mtteixeira

  1. mtteixeira

    Remove Top Right Side Menu Box on Cell Phone

    Once I do not want to have menu on my webpage, how can I hide it from to webpage header pointed in the imagem below? My page is http://www.cursoae.tradewiser.pro
  2. mtteixeira

    URL Issue

    I found the problem. When I used the WP app, it changed my MAIN MENU to FRONT MENU, so I was using FRONT MENU for both internal and external urls... So now I'm goood.
  3. mtteixeira

    URL Issue

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I think this is not the point. I didn't change the url, it is the same since ever (see image attached, it's one of the internal menu links) once I do have an internal e external menus separeated and with different urls. I guess the issue could have been...
  4. mtteixeira

    URL Issue

    Until yesterday my webpage was working just fine, and today my internal URL are having issues. While I surf URLs on the front page section no issue. If I click an internal URL and than click an external section URL theres an issue. Let's say I moved to the http://www.tradewiser.pro/disclaimer...
  5. mtteixeira

    Annoying Menu Space

    Perfect! Thanks!
  6. mtteixeira

    Annoying Menu Space

    Hi there! See in the image bellow that there is a space between the menu option and its sub-menu options (see the green arrow pointing the space on the top of my webpage). When you pass the mouse over this space the sub-menu disappear. This space appears when you reduce the Menu Typography...
  7. mtteixeira

    Adding and Extra Footer Social Icon and Link

    In the standard NovelPro theme I'm able to add link to 7 social networks which will appear at the bottom right of my webpage. I need to add an extra social network (tradingview), how can I do so? Please provide me with the code so I can do it. My webpage url is www.TradeWiser.pro Thanks!!!
  8. mtteixeira

    SERVICES Sectioin: space between icon and text

    Please provide me with the code to reduce the space (see blue circles) between the Awesome Icon and the text right below?
  9. mtteixeira

    Left/Right Arrow on Slider section

    tradewiser.pro Hi there! How can I move the right side arrow more to the right and the left arrow more to the left on order to move it away from the slider texts? Regards!
  10. mtteixeira

    Left/Right Arrows on BRANDS section

    tradewiser.pro Hi there! I'd like to remove the left and right red arrow from the BRANDS section, I'd like it invisible, please help me with the code. Regards.
  11. mtteixeira

    Title bar background with solid color

    Worked just fine, thanks! Just one last thing, how can I make the front page menu bar and logo smaller, with the same size as they get with a scroll down?
  12. mtteixeira

    Name of Social Icon on Footer

    Names changed as suggested, thanks!
  13. mtteixeira

    SUBMIT button on Contact Us Session

    Worked just find, thanks!