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Search results

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    Open Shop issue on safari (all OS system)

    Hi, Will it be possible for you to fix the issue on safari ? (it is the case on smartphone and mac). Thanks for your help
  2. F

    Sliders on the welcome page not multi-language

    Hi, My website has 2 languages, and when i change the sliders on the english website, it works well, but on the french one nothing is happening.. Any good idea ? Thanks
  3. F

    Menu "my account doesn't work"

    Hi, My account menu works only in english, while it doesn't work in french? When i am in french, i see the dashboard menu, address, orders.... but when i click on it i am back to the dashboard... I went to "apparence" and "menu", to make sure the "end points" menu is well done.. I am surprised...
  4. F

    Sticky Floating Navigation Menu ?

    How, can you please let me know how to add or delete menu in the sticky floating navigation menu ? I have no idea. Thanks for your help :-)
  5. F

    How create User Registration ?

    Hi, it's possible to login/logout, but i don't know where i can allow the user to create is account ? I guess it's possible when he wants to order, but if he wants to create his account before to place the order ? Open Shop is using a plugin a plugin to manage that, is there any option to allow...
  6. F

    Impossible to add product into basket from a category page

    Hi, When i am on a page product, i can add a product into the baksket, that's fine, but when i am trying to add a product from a category (through the button "add to the basket") nothing is happening? Any good advice ? Thanks
  7. F

    How to translate "My account" in french

    Hi, all menu (end point) are well translated but the content page (on the right), are not displayed at all. it always going back to the welcome page of the account (dashboard). How this "my account" is managed ? is it the plugin "YITH" or something else ? I am lost. Thanks
  8. F

    How to translate the Highlight ?

    Hi again, I am trying to translate the Higlilight content where it is written : Free Shiping, Join Risk Free, Support 24/7.... ? Impossible to find :( Thanks for your help :)
  9. F

    How to translate the content page of the user account area ?

    Hi, I am looking for how can I translate the content pages of the following menu (user account). Dashboard Orders Downloads Addresses Account details Logout Menus above are well translated but when i clink on them, nothing is happening in french. While in english it works well. In "Appearance"...
  10. F

    How to set menu order ?

    Hi, I see different places where to change the menu order ...but nothing is happening ?! (account, home, Cart, checkout, whishlist, top). For example, I want to move the "home" menu in first, then the account menu... Do you have any recommandation ? Thanks for your help :)
  11. F

    Wishlist button (heart button) doesn't redirect to the page Wishlist ?

    Hi, The wishlist button (heart button) doesn't redirect to the page Wishlist ? It does nothing when i click on it. Any good idea ? Thanks for your help
  12. F

    Layout above header not translated

    Hi, I would to know if there is a way to translate the "above header" when it is written "Call To :.... Email: ....". My website is multilanguage (EN and FR) and i am using the plugin WPML Thanks for your help. :-) Kind regards Antoine