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Search results

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    footer menu redirect problem

    hey, every time I clicked the footer menu button, that always redirect me to support.themehunk.com/... can you help me to make it redirect to my own site
  2. P

    wishlist page error 2

    can you help me to organize my wishlist table
  3. P

    copyright mobile issue

    hey, the copyright statement positioning isn't at the bottom of the page because of social media follow us button, can you help me delete it?
  4. P

    shop by category

    Hey front page category section didn't work, even that I already selected the categories that I want
  5. P

    Style.css "Error Warning"

    Is it okay to ignore? I didn't edit anything in this file but this 1 error revealed
  6. P

    different effect between desktop, tablet and mobile

    Hey, in the desktop version the background image is not moving when I scrolled down the page, but in tablet and mobile device the background image just keep moving every time I scrolled the page
  7. P

    How to Change Preloader

    Hey I'm wondering if I am able to change the preloader with my own
  8. P

    product page header error

    my header just missing, can you help me with something to solve this issue
  9. P

    post on header image

    hey, I have an idea to remove the white page so instead of posting on the white surface, I'll post on the single page header image. Because I want one of my pages a little bit different than any other pages
  10. P

    submit button

    hey can you help me to equal the submit button model with my theme blog "read more" button which is shopline theme
  11. P

    blank space front page

    1. I tried to find secondary widget option but I didn't find it, any suggestion? 2. I found this blank space in the front page area and didn't know how to solve this because, in the live demo, the theme has some kind symbol
  12. P

    wishlist page error

    hey, my wishlist social media page just really unorganized and the social media button just spreading downside,
  13. P

    social media button error

    1. I already tried to use this code, but my social media button still didn't form as usual shape .footer-social-icon li a i:before { font-family: Fontawesome; } .cart-widget .fa-shopping-cart, .header-extra .fa-heart, .header-extra ul.hdr-icon-list li.accnt a.logged-in:before, .header-extra...
  14. P

    Front Page Overlay Gradient

    is that any possibility to change the overlay gradient colours in the future or the next updates? it'll really helpful, thanks