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Search results

  1. 6

    Menu > Custom Links not working

    Hello, my site is soulshinewellness.com. The appearance>menus I cannot add any items to the menu on Brave or Firefox browsers.
  2. 6

    Members Login Not Working

    I am trying to login to update a website theme and the link is broken on your main page. Please update your site, so I can update my site. 602creative.com is broken now that I've updated WP and the theme is outdated. I really wish you had autoupdates for your themes. Will you ever be able to do...
  3. 6

    Front Page Html Error

    The background image isn't showing up on the mobile version. There's an un-closed html comment tag at the top. Can you please fix this? (see top left corner) http://www.fetchinfarms.com
  4. 6

    Internal Server Error

    " Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More...
  5. 6

    Listing Styling Question

    Hello, on this theme, UL have no bullets showing or anything. And it's making it hard for my client to organize lists on her posts. Can we override this? https://www.drlaurenlove.com/pregnant-taking-5-supplements/
  6. 6

    Mindbody Healcode Plugin Issues

    Hello, I have a client adding a scheduler onto her website and when we add the code to it, it doesn't integrate with the page. What's the issue here? Embed code isn't available, she has to use the healcode plugin for WordPress. https://www.drlaurenlove.com/schedule/
  7. 6

    Front Page Menu

    on my website www.drlaurenlove.com there are two menu items showing up white instead of blue and underlined like the others "Why House Call" and "Schedule". They are all custom links. Can all menu items have the same style treatment?
  8. 6

    Mobile Menu Giving 404 Error

    for the site test.dancingforbirth.com when I try and navigate to a submenu item via the mobile site "Certified Instructors" it pops up a 404 error. It doesn't expand the "+" and the page for "Certified Instructors" just doesn't work. This error doesn't occur on the desktop site. The other...
  9. 6

    Woocommerce Error

    With the latest woocommerce upgrade, the invoice variation ID number is showing instead of what the name of the variation on the invoice. This is a BIG DEAL because the client has to look up the variation id to see how to grind the coffee with every line item and this is not working out well. It...
  10. 6

    Slider Tiling

    I just ran an update for the theme and now the homepage slider is tiling the images. How do I prevent this? What size should the images be to prevent tiling?
  11. 6

    Fatal Error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Customize_Alpha_Color_Control in /home/megankp/urbanfortcafe.com/wp-content/plugins/novelpro-unlimited/inc/color-picker/alpha-color-picker.php on line 93 looks like there's an issue with the unlimited plugin, please help?
  12. 6

    Not Receiving Emails

    I am seeing the leads come up on the dashboard, but we are not receiving the form on any emails. Please advice.
  13. 6

    Javascript Error

    Hello, I am using a directory plugin and they are telling me that there's a javascript error in the theme that isn't allowing their search function to work. Something to do with google analytics? test.dancingforbirth.com is the site. "The search form of our plugin uses javascript, but the...
  14. 6

    IMG issue on parent page

    For some reason, having a list of images isn't allowing for the background to extend with the images... http://www.bravingdoulacollective.com/resources/
  15. 6

    Padding Issue

    Hello, by default the text goes all the way to the edge of the div. Can this be fixed?