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Search results

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    How to set the font size and the color for blocks in a blog article

    Hi, In every single block in a new blog-post, I have to set my color and font size. Can I set this up as a standard? If yes how? Many thanks for the help.
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    unnecessary horizontal scrolling on the smartphone

    Hi, The responsive design does not work properly on the smartphone. On the Samsung Galaxy S10 and on the iPhone 6/7/8, horizontal scrolling on the front page is possible. As a result, some elements are only half visible and the page looks ugly. I am considering buying the Pro Theme but this...
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    The text in the comments doesn't wrap properly

    Hi, The text in the comments doesn't wrap properly. Example: Hi Max, Thank you for your answer becomes Hi Max, Thank you for your answer Here is another example from my website: Here is another example: comment on my blog Is there a solution for this?
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    Change german umlauts to a font with two point over the character

    Hi, for now, if I write german umlauts like ÄÜÖ itd appears only with one pont above the character. How can I change the Font to display two points above a character? I've tried to edit Appearance > Customizer > Typography > Font Subsets but nothing changed. My homepage...