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Search results

  1. mtteixeira

    Remove Top Right Side Menu Box on Cell Phone

    Once I do not want to have menu on my webpage, how can I hide it from to webpage header pointed in the imagem below? My page is http://www.cursoae.tradewiser.pro
  2. mtteixeira

    URL Issue

    Until yesterday my webpage was working just fine, and today my internal URL are having issues. While I surf URLs on the front page section no issue. If I click an internal URL and than click an external section URL theres an issue. Let's say I moved to the http://www.tradewiser.pro/disclaimer...
  3. mtteixeira

    Annoying Menu Space

    Hi there! See in the image bellow that there is a space between the menu option and its sub-menu options (see the green arrow pointing the space on the top of my webpage). When you pass the mouse over this space the sub-menu disappear. This space appears when you reduce the Menu Typography...
  4. mtteixeira

    Adding and Extra Footer Social Icon and Link

    In the standard NovelPro theme I'm able to add link to 7 social networks which will appear at the bottom right of my webpage. I need to add an extra social network (tradingview), how can I do so? Please provide me with the code so I can do it. My webpage url is www.TradeWiser.pro Thanks!!!
  5. mtteixeira

    SERVICES Sectioin: space between icon and text

    Please provide me with the code to reduce the space (see blue circles) between the Awesome Icon and the text right below?
  6. mtteixeira

    Left/Right Arrow on Slider section

    tradewiser.pro Hi there! How can I move the right side arrow more to the right and the left arrow more to the left on order to move it away from the slider texts? Regards!
  7. mtteixeira

    Left/Right Arrows on BRANDS section

    tradewiser.pro Hi there! I'd like to remove the left and right red arrow from the BRANDS section, I'd like it invisible, please help me with the code. Regards.
  8. mtteixeira

    Latest Posts Bug?

    tradewiser.pro Hi there! I set up my BLOG SESSION to show only 6 recent posts as in the image below. But for some reason it is showing all posts that are checked as "Stick to the top of the blog" instead of just the 6 latest post. If "the post is not checked as "Stick to the top of the blog"...
  9. mtteixeira

    Title bar background with solid color

    TradeWiser.pro Before scrolling down the home page the Title bar has a transparent background, than as soon as a scrolldown goes on the Title bar background turns into gray. I which to have the Title bar background all time gray before and after scrolldown, please help me with the code. Regards.
  10. mtteixeira

    SUBMIT button on Contact Us Session

    Notice that my Visual Identity is read and I cannot find where to chance the yellow button color on the Contact Us so it can become light gray, please help me... SE
  11. mtteixeira

    Name of Social Icon on Footer

    Hi there! Sometime in the past you folks from the support team provided me with the following code in order for me to replace the standard social icons that I don't use with some that I use: (f167 is the FontAwesome unicode for Youtube) .fa-google-plus:before { content: "\f167"...
  12. mtteixeira

    Customize Container Content

    Hi there! ThemeHunk support provided me with the code bellow which was very good for what I needed. But I noticed that I need to customize the text such as bold and change color of part of the text. As per the example below, lets say I need to color red and bold just the “Your content”, and make...
  13. mtteixeira

    Text Space Under "Footer Text & Social Icons"

    I wish to add a Custom Section or a Footer Widget Area (that takes the entire wide space - left to right) in order for me to add a disclosure footer text under the Footer Text & Social Icons. This section or footer area should show up not only on the footer of the landing page but also on the...
  14. mtteixeira

    Slide pages are displaced on mobile

    The vertical view on safari are showing the second slider a little displaced on the left and the third slider is as twice displaced on the left. Please provide me with a fix. Regards.
  15. mtteixeira

    Second Page Heading

    I there! I'm wondering if its possible to insert a second page heading under the original page heading with a text in it as shown in grey in the image below. If possible, I'm wondering what would be the css code to insert it and control the second page heading color and height and to control the...
  16. mtteixeira

    Second Fixed Header

    I there! I'm wondering if it possible to insert a second fixed header above or under the title header with a text in it as shown in light blue in the image below. If possible, I'm wondering what would be the css code to insert it and control the header color, height and position (above/under...
  17. mtteixeira

    Internal Page Zero Settings

    Hi there! I'm wondering if it is possible and if so, how can a make a specific page (designated by its ID) have the same clear parameters as the "HTML Personalized" or the "Novelpro: Custom Widget". In other words, I'd like to be able to set a css code for some specifc ID pages in order to make...
  18. mtteixeira

    Internal Page Title Centered

    Hi there! How can I move some specific internal page title to the center of the title area (in blue) and with no box arrond it as of the image attached? p.s.: the red line are just to show you where to position the title, therer should be no box along with the title as it has in the original...
  19. mtteixeira

    Footer Social Network Icon and Link

    Hi there! I need to replace two existing icons with other two that I desaire to have on my website footer. How can I add the following two social network: Dribbble >> replace it with MEDIUM Google+ >> replace it with (whatever else I desaire) My website url is: inspower.com.br Please help me...
  20. mtteixeira

    Reduce Distance Between Section Heading Words when in Responsive Mode

    Hi there! I need code help to reduce the line space between words for the Section Heading in order to make it look nicer in responsive mode. See the image below: the red block represents the height that I would like to reduce. Use the url as reference in responsive mode: inspower.com.br