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Search results

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    Hey! I have sent the mail. Please go through it. Thanks
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    I am sorry, we are not satisfied with the theme as we are facing several issues. Now, we have changed the theme and we would like to have our money back. Thanks for your time.
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    Short description issue

    we removed the bold <b> and <strong> codes because it disturbed the layout. We want to know why is this happenning? what sort of code should we use while importing product description, so that layout is not affected. thanks
  4. G

    top slider not aligned

    but we used same image size as demo suggested. Also this problem was not there earlier.
  5. G

    top slider not aligned

    top slider has gaps which is very wide
  6. G

    mobile sticky header not aligned

    After checking ' Check to disable wishlist icon in mobile device' it is not getting disabled from sticky menu
  7. G

    Need to increase font size in various sections

    no different font size of categories for each section. as shown in ref. img. thanks
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    Short description issue

    https://remedystone.com/product/7-chakras-set-gemstone-box-irregular-natural-crystals-amethyst-rose-quartz-gravel-stone-energy-minerals-collection-specimen/ thanks for your help!
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    product images not aligned properly

    Hey! We find product images to be not aligned for 7 images when opening in phone. thanks in advance
  10. G

    mobile readiness

    despite all our efforts, the site is v slow in mobile and the fonts also are too small. google rating is 8/100 Please help. thank you... await your reply in this and below 7 queries our site name is remedystone.com
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    site very slow

    our site is v v slow. we have tried w3total, bunny cdn and image optimisation and smush http Requests 149 please help me sir!!
  12. G

    Short description issue

    we are unable to make some sentences in short description and long description bold. when we import thru csv file - we are using <b> and <strong> the whole layout gets disturbed. please help us!!!
  13. G

    Need to increase font size in various sections

    new problem : we are facing problem in changing font size in individual section headers. like footer in out case, as we change another section font, some other section font also increases
  14. G

    product select option is blank

    problem 1 - repeat products showing problem 2 - add to cart/ 'select option ' button is blank with a red border outline problem 3 - how can we resize font size and bold it
  15. G

    logo size in sticky bar

    hi, how can we reduce logo size in stick bar for mobile... actually the logo and search in overlapping. else, is there a solution for it not being overlapped.
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    Need to increase font size in various sections

    how to increase font size of product categories in product carousals? pl help many thanks in anticipation.
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    Need to increase font size in various sections

    thank you. have another query below how to increase font size of my product description for mobile screens
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    Need to increase font size in various sections

    How can i increase font size in main menu? Description of my product page when opening in mobile phone page carousals