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Search results

  1. J

    line spacing for main text in internal pages

    how do i change the line spacing for the main text on internal pages right now the spacing is too close together - an example is here https://defenselawindiana.com/criminal-defense/
  2. J

    color of menu

    for cardellalawoffice.com how do i change the color of the menu text i went into "typography" and "menu" but i could not find a way to change font color please and thanks
  3. J

    7 team members with last row centered

    I hope all is well on your end we now have another team member (7 total team members) it is currently 3 rows what css code do we need so that the final row will be centered? website is https://whitestagrealty.com/ i will send username and password in private message
  4. J

    Team Section 6 members with 3 per row

    We are adding another team member. How do we get this to appear with 6 team members with 3 on the first row and 3 on the second row? website is https://whitestagrealty.com Thanks
  5. J

    green square after upgrade

    I upgraded the theme recently. In the testimonial widget, instead of showing a quotation mark, it is now showing a green sqaure (see the attached). How di I switch this back to showing the quotation mark instead of a green sqaure
  6. J

    team section featured

    I have 4 team members https://whitestagrealty.com/ If the window is wide, they all show up on one row and it looks fine. When the window is narrow, it creates two rows, and puts 3 people on the first row, and one person on the second row. All images are exactly the same size. The CSS I am...
  7. J

    problem with internal pages on microsoft edge

    I updgraded to the newest version of the theme today, and it has changed how my internal pages are appearing on microsoft edge. Attached is how an internal page looks on a mac (and how i want it to look). A picture of how it appears on edge is also attached. The picture is cut off and the...
  8. J

    how to stop text from moving depending on page size

    An example page is located at https://whitestagrealty.com/indiana-real-estate-referral-fee When the screen is wide, the text starts to move up into the logo. When the screen becomes narrow, the text starts moving down and creates several inches of blank space between the logo at the top of the...
  9. J

    how to get rid of menu bar on pages

    We do not use the menu bar on this website. The website is https://whitestagrealty.com/ When looking at an individual page, however, there is still a grey bar that appears at the top of the page (which I assume is supposed to be where the menu would go). How do we completely get rid of the...
  10. J

    team section spacing

    We are going to start using the "Meet Our Team" section. I have not yet published this on our website, but I wanted to get the code to make a few changes before doing so. (1) How do i reduce the blank space above h1 "Meet Our Team"? (2) How do we get rid of h2 completely? (3) How do i reduce...
  11. J

    getting rid of blank white space on website

    I have a lot of blank space in my website that I want to remove: (1) How do I reduce the blank space between "what our clients are saying" and the testimonials? (see the attached screenshot) (2) How do I reduce the blank space between the testimonials and "contact us"? (see the attached...
  12. J

    about us text and image

    my website is www.cardellalawoffice.com My questions are about the "about us" section. For the about us section, I want to be able to change the text in this section (without it affecting any other text on the website). For only the text in the about us section only, how do I change the space...
  13. J

    color of text in menu only

    How do change the color of my text for the menu ONLY (that appears at the top of the screen) thanks
  14. J

    spacing between two sections

    My site https://indianacriminalattorneyexpungement.com/ has too much space between the "about" section and the "testimonial" section. I want to reduce the spacing between "We look forward to hearing from you." and "What Our Clients Are Saying" I tried changing my CSS padding to zero, but it is...
  15. J

    About Us Section and Image

    (1) In the about us section, is there an easy way to have the image appear above the text (rather than to the left of the text)? (2) In the about us section, if I want no image, how do I do this (I deleted the image and now it is inserting an image of three people talking). (3) In the about us...
  16. J

    how to get rid of three line link to menu bar

    My website is https://indianacriminalattorneyexpungement.com/ This is a single page website, and hence there is no menu bar at the top. However, the "hamburger icon" (three lines that link to the menu button) still show up. How do I get rid of the hamburger icon / lines to show the menu bar.
  17. J

    How to make "service widget" images the same size

    When I set the "service widget" to "image" the images do not show as the same size (even if they are all the same size image). Before uploading the images, I make sure that they are all the same size. When I insert the images, I select "size" as "medium - 300-225" However, on the page, they...
  18. J

    change background in recent post section

    in "recent posts" I want it to display a solid color background (instead of an image) i have changed the background color in settings, but it is still showing the image how do i change this so that it displays a solic color (rather than a picture) the website is...
  19. J

    internet explorer and edge

    My website is www.cardellalawoffice.com It loads fine on most browsers. However, it will not load at all on internet explorer and loads incorrectly on microsoft edge. I tried disabling all plugins to see if this fixed the problem, but it did not.
  20. J

    Spacing and "Price and Package"

    My website is at https://indianacriminalattorneyexpungement.com/ My password is still the same as what was previously provided. I have two questions. First, when I look at the published version of the website, it has large text that says "Price and Package" This does not show up when I try to...