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Search results

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    Text wrongly displaying at the bottom of page

    Hi this is what it looks like to me
  2. A

    Header text and logo aligned in the Team widget

    Hi I believe I was a bit unclear here. I have a logo at the top of the webpage already. This question was about getting a logo into the headline of the team widget as I use this section to talk about the company. www.i-con.se
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    Header text and logo aligned in the Team widget

    Hi could you please help me with the CSS for getting the header text for my company name to be replace by my company logo image and aligned with the header text in this widget? https://www.i-con.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/1.png Thank you! Anna
  4. A

    Text wrongly displaying at the bottom of page

    Hi for some reason my site www.i-con.se is displaying text (the sitemap?) at the bottom. Could you please help me with how to remove this? Thank you!
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    Header slider not looking good on mobile devices

    Hi I have just changed the header sliders on my website and now it looks ok on desktop but on mobile it doesn¨t. How can I fix this please and also is it possible to exclude the second slider on mobiles? My website is www.i-con.se Thanks Anna
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    Footer shade has disappeared and scroll up button no longer displaying icon

    Hi new things. The gradient footer shade I have put in as extra css has disappeared along with the arrow on scroll up button. Could you help me fix this please :)? www.i-con.se
  7. A

    Slow site loading and error messages in console

    Hi again yes it is still there unfortunately. It has something to do with the web fonts.
  8. A

    Slow site loading and error messages in console

    @Satyendraa could you help me please :)?
  9. A

    Slow site loading and error messages in console

    Hi I've been testing my site's performance trying to fix that it seems very slow. When checking console in Chrome a few error messages turn up. Could you please tell me how to fix these?
  10. A

    Increase footer column width on mobile

    I got help last week to increase the footer width but it seems to not be visible on mobile? Could you please help me increase the second footer widget width here as well? www.i-con.se
  11. A

    Social media buttons not showing

    The social media buttons on my site i-con.se seem to have lost their icons, why is this happening?
  12. A

    Remove slider arrows from header

    I only use one slider picture in the header. How can I remove the arrows from the header please? Thanks.
  13. A

    Change language for search and search result texts

    In order to localise my page I'd like the search function to be in Swedish. These are the phrases I'd like to change language for: "Search" "Search results for:" "Sorry no post matched your criteria" How do I get this done please?
  14. A

    How to insert line breaks in the team and services sections?

    Hi I'd like to have line breaks in the texts in the above sections. I inserted this when I put the texts in - but onsite it comes up with no breaks. How can I get the text sections to show?
  15. A

    CCS changes not visible on mobile

    Hi yes sure } .theme-slider-button, ul.social-buttons li a, .home .contact_section { background: linear-gradient(193deg,rgb(70, 107, 120) 0%,rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8) 80%)!important; } #section1 .fa-stack-2x { background: linear-gradient(193deg,rgb(242, 200, 84) 40%,rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8)...
  16. A

    CCS changes not visible on mobile

    Hi I cannot see the CCS changes I've made on any of the my iPhone browsers (I have cleared the caches). Could you please help me check why? www.i-con.se
  17. A

    Centre image in Brand section

    Hi how can I get the image in the brand section to become centered, please?