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Search results

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    Plugins going into conflict with wordpress

    Hi, I've tried consulting with hostgator techies about this and any fix they did would revert my page into its cache version. I was told that it was because the theme's plugin kept getting into conflict with wordpress. Can you please take a look at the page and see what is wrong with it...
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    All Carousel/Slider blocks and plugins unusable

    Hello, I really need to insert sliders in my posts and pages but this theme seems to have a problem with all sliders and carousels. The page or post body would go horizontal infinitely. The images and posts in the sliders won't even show up. Here is an example below...
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    Problems with Pages and Posts

    Hi, I just deleted the sidebar for the pages and posts but the body/content section of the pages and posts are still on the left side. Is there an additional CSS code to center them? Also, it seems like the template is messing with the slider blocks. Any slider block I insert into the...
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    Fatal error upon installing plugin

    As the title says. I got a fatal error or technical error when I tried to install the plugin for this theme. Though when I tried to login using the safemode as Wordpress has provided the link for... It looked like the plugin had installed successfully. However, I am getting errors everytime I...
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    Header buy cart won't be disabled

    It seems that I can disable the buy cart, the account and wishlist icon while on mobile (as indicated by the red arrow). But is there a way to disable it on the desktop version too (as indicated by the blue arrow). I'm going to use a different system for e-commerce and not woocommerce.
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    How to fix header issues and remove some elements in pages?

    So I have a few issues. As pointed by the red arrow on my screenshot, the header looks really weird because it was layered with the transparent black background on top of an already darkened header image. Also which part of the customization removes the part I pointed with my blue arrow. I...
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    Top Store Pro customizing front page has no changes

    I don't really understand what's going on. I am trying to make my website look like your demo. I tried to customize it but I don't see any changes. The only changes I can make is on the frontpage page itself. I am also trying to move the menu below the header but no matter what I click, it...