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Search results

  1. Y

    Logo Size

    Hey, Wordpress automatically is cropping my logo files to 225x60 px. Is it possible to set a bigger logo? Best regards, Yavor
  2. Y

    Woocommerce Integration

    Hey there, Is it possible to integrate this theme with WooCommerce? Because now looks terrible :) http://abstudiodesign.com/porachka/ http://abstudiodesign.com/produkt/%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%BD%D0%B5%D1%81-%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82/ http://abstudiodesign.com/kolichka/ Best regards, Yavor
  3. Y

    Latest Posts Button Text

    Hey there, How can I change or remove the text `READ MORE` from the button on the latest posts section? Best regards, Yavor
  4. Y

    Change Fa Icons Animation/transition

    Hey there, Is it possible to change the animation of the header fa icons (anim1) to be the same as the animation of the multi-feature fa icons (anim2)? So the shadow rectangle disappears and just the icon is colorized? Best regards, Yavor
  5. Y

    Translate Tags

    Hey there, Is it possible to translate the different tags and buttons (e.g. Read more and Post a comment) to the different languages of the site? All the content of my site is translated with qTranslate‑X. Best regards, Yavor
  6. Y

    Disable Animation On Our Team Widget

    Hey there, Is there any possiblity to totally disable the animation and remove the animated elements from the Our team widget?
  7. Y

    Ribbon 1 - Transparent?

    Hello, Is it possible to make the Top ribbon background also transparent like the bottom one? Greetings, Yavor
  8. Y

    Page And Article Centered

    Hey there, Sorry for writing all the time, but this theme is very good and I used in a couple of site, so issue are born :) Is there any way to center the content in pages/articles. so there is no space for gadjets, just content in the middle? Best regards, Yavor
  9. Y

    Dropdown Menu - Last Element

    Hello, I have an issue with the menu. When I create a dropdown menu, always the last element is selected and in case that this is element is with white color results practically invisible. Is there any possibility that all the elements look the same? Best regards, Yavor
  10. Y

    Header Image On Post Page

    Hello, How can I change the header image (behind the menu) in a post image? Regards, Yavor
  11. Y

    Recent Posts does not show

    Hello, My site is http://bcwt.bg/. It will be in bulgarian. I have the category news and posts in this category. But the recent Post Section does not want to show the posts. Screenshots are attached. Best regards, Yavor