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  1. B

    Blog Posts Social Icon

    Hi, I have this problem with the display of the social icons in each blog post. Please see the attached image to understand. WhatsApp image is is not showing, and also all the social icons are not aligned in one line like how it should be. Please could you help me? Thank you very much...
  2. O

    Our Services Section

    Hi... I currently have 5 services displayed in Services section. It displays 4 in a row and then 1 aligned to the left. Is there an option so that it shows 3 in a row and 2 in the other row, aligned all to the center? Like... having a three column and then a two column (same width) aligned to...
  3. K

    Team section issue (mobile) after center alignment

    Hello, I used this code to center 3 members in Team Section: ul.team-grid li.team-list { width: 23%!important; float: none!important; display: inline-block!important; } After that when I tried to open website on my mobile pictures became really small. Could you help me, please?