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contact form

  1. E

    Anchored Link in Main Menu

    Can I crate an anchored link from the menu to the contact form in the home page?
  2. T

    Contact Form not sending email notifications.

    Hi, my LeadForm form on my OneLine Pro site is not sending notification emails. I'm certain I have the Email Setting page properly configured, and I have tried a variety of addresses. And yes, I do have 'Receive Leads in Email and Save in database' checked. Please help?
  3. E

    Oneline Pro - No received email from contact form

    Hi, when I complete the contact form and send the message all seems to be fine, but in the admin mail the form never arrives. The admin page is all complete with the required info, The message send is backup in the leads view but never delivered to the admin email...
  4. M

    contact form

    Hello, I just developed a website using your theme. Nice theme by the way, I really like it! I was wondering if there is a possibility to align the button of the contact form with the rest of the form. Either by placing it under the email textfield, under the message textfield or by making it...
  5. I

    Brand images don't show

    Hi, I have setup oneline theme on my website. the brand section doesn't show the brand logos. my website is www.iconheal.com. and Please check out portfolio section. when i click on portfolio image it's open a new link. and i need contact form css of my home page contact form. please help me to...
  6. G

    Remove the Map from the contact us

    Hello I don't have an office location and as such the map is misleading and I'd like to remove it while keeping the lead form how can i do that ? I don't see a button to remove the map i use the single page scroll version ! Thanks you very much :)
  7. D

    Integrating Mail Chimp Api Into Contact Form Setting

    I'm looking to integrate my MailChimp account in the Contact Form Setting on my page. Is there a way that when someone fills out the Contact Form (see attached), I can have their information directly imported into one of my MailChimp lists (using API - I imagine?), so that the subscriber will...
  8. qws2076

    How To Redirect The Customer Who Submitted The Form To The Thank You Page

    I wanna ask How to redirect the customer who submitted the form to the thank you page. Thank you!
  9. O

    Problems With Contact Us Section

    Hi guys, I'm beginning to use your Oneline Lite theme and I found two problems regarding Contact Us section I can't solve. Could you please help me to find a solution for them? 1) I use the Lead Form and when I add the checkbox, it ruins the whole form. I also miss a headline for that. 2) How...
  10. D

    Using Contact Form 7 In Novel Pro

    Hello, i´m using Novel Pro theme and insert a contact form 7 formualr on the contact us site. But my problem is, that the submit button is not clickable.. Sorry for bad english.
  11. S

    Contact Section

    How i do to deactive contact section from home page? because if you go to my homepage, you will can see in the contact section has same bug on the code. http://institutorosadosventos.org/
  12. maurizio_venturini

    Contact Form

    Good morning, thanks for your good work. I have a problem to submit Web site: www.farmaciasangottardo.it Doctorline pro with NovelPro Responsative ThemeVersion: 2.4.6 In the "Contact Form" in Italian "Modulo di Contatto" button "Submit" in Italian "Invio" has a yellow background that I can...