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custom section

  1. croonhb

    Custom widget area #1

    In my available widgets is also a widget called "Custom widget area #1" if i open this widget Ithe following text is shown: Display this widget area in your theme with:<?php dynamic_sidebar('smartslider_area_1'); ?> My question is: In which file do I put this text line?
  2. S

    Scrolling Menu Not Working with Custom Section

    Hello, I created a custom section using the Custom Section Wiget. I created a section ID #gallery and matched it to the menu but it is not scrolling. Here is the link: https://shatterboxwebdesign.com/titan/#gallery
  3. M

    order custom section

    Hello, I added most of the texts to the custom section and use some of the standard fields. The problem is, that the order of the texts on the website is not right. I like to give you the website and login in a private message, so you can have a look at it, like to hear from you soon. :-)...
  4. M

    Custom section widget - menu

    Hello There, I added 7 custom sections, but I have a problem with the menu. I gave each custom widget a section ID and added it also to the menu, but when I click on the relevant menu item on my website, nothing happens. Can you help me with making the menu work? Kind regards, Maartje
  5. I

    How to make custom section

    I want make custom section in the top page and added it at Section Order Option. Where can I edit custom section pages?
  6. C

    SVG questions

    Hello! I'm wondering why the SVG is flat on the bottom edge of the section? Is there code to correct it? I've found if the pages are in a different order it changes whether the bottom edge has the SVG or is a flat edge. Also the custom sections have the same issue. They only have the top edge...
  7. maurizio_venturini

    Novelpro With Wppizza

    Hello, I would like to use novelpro with wppizza (https://www.wp-pizza.com/), I have already encountered some problems, my first difficulty was when I had to use a new section just for wppizza, I thought I would use the custom section, I think it's the right solution as I can use the widgets of...
  8. L

    Custom Section: Custom Widget

    I want to use the Custom Section to highlight my free Health Discovery Session and provide a button that connects to a Leadpage I created for the offering. I've added the Featured: Custom Widget for the section Title and Subtitle and that looks fine, although the spacing between the...
  9. L

    Custom Section

    Hi! I need to have 2 custom sections on my main page. How can I do it?