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header image

  1. T

    Remove Header Image and Nav Bar

    How do I remove the header image and navigation bar from a page? Do not want header aside from first page.
  2. S

    all page header = Page title + home-pagetitle right on the header with the image

    Hi, As per title and attached, I can't fix the unsightly text on the page headers. Followed your other threads on this and entered : .menu-item-description {display:none;} .mobile-menu-active nav .menu-item-description{display:none;} Did not work. Thanks!
  3. S

    Need Help with the Layout of the Posts Page

    Hello, I am working on a site and was wondering if I can get some assistance with the posts page. 1.) The Image header cuts off. Is there a way to adjust the size of the viewing area? I would like more of the image to display. Right now it is a very narrow strip. 2.) Is there a way to change...
  4. L

    Las imagenes no se actualizan - Image not loading

    Hi, i have a problem uploading header image from customizer but on site there were any changes. I have also a problem uploading price from woocommerce. from customizer after saving changes, they were not upload. Header image and price (ex: Campera deportiva Sport 2500$ <> a Campera deportiva...
  5. R

    setting page header image hight to zero

    Hi there, I´d like to set a pages header image. Instead of a header color. In the documentation it is said, the hight of the header image should have zero (0) pixel. Please, does anybody know, how to do? Im am quite confused. Maybe I missunderstand the matter?!? - Would be a pleasure, if...
  6. K

    Parallax Theme hide header image on one page only

    Is there a CSS Code to hide the header image on only the About Page?
  7. H

    Shopline Theme - Hide Main Header

    Is there any way that I can hide the header on my main homepage? For some reason, when I add a header image, no matter what the size, the theme zooms them in and it ends up looking pixelated. So I'd just like to remove it completely. I've already hidden them on the inner pages, but I see no...
  8. Y

    Header Image On Post Page

    Hello, How can I change the header image (behind the menu) in a post image? Regards, Yavor