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  1. S

    Main Header

    I need to turn off collapse category in main header as in screenshot. When a page open , my content went to the bottom because of expanding category button on the header
  2. D

    CSS to force Featured theme mobile view position of header background image

    Hello I am struggling to identify correct CSS to force position of Featured theme background header image for small-screen devices. The default Featured theme setting for small screens appears to display the left part of header background images. I wish to force small screens to display...
  3. T

    Remove Header Image and Nav Bar

    How do I remove the header image and navigation bar from a page? Do not want header aside from first page.
  4. A

    Category drop down in Header bugged in Pro

    Hi The category dropdown in the header section of the theme expands to all categories and all nested subcategories in the free version. The same does not happen in the Pro version. Only expands by 2 nested subcategories Kindly fix it asap.
  5. G

    Page Header Title

    The Title on [shop] doesnt appear, i tryed evrything !
  6. R

    Header Section wrapping title text

    Hi. I have title text of my page being wrapped and cannot figure out what is controlling this area to not be able to stretch it out as shown here: any thoughts of what I need to edit to change this section to be larger so text is not wrapped around? TIA!
  7. V

    Change homepage header to lower case

    How can I change the slider header to lower case instead of all caps? thnx!
  8. H

    Shopline Theme - Hide Main Header

    Is there any way that I can hide the header on my main homepage? For some reason, when I add a header image, no matter what the size, the theme zooms them in and it ends up looking pixelated. So I'd just like to remove it completely. I've already hidden them on the inner pages, but I see no...
  9. D

    Shopline theme - issue

    Posted here because there was no Shopline category to post in. Issue is: installed the free Shopline theme on latest version of Wordpress v4.9.4 And once installed required plugins, and go to the site, you see issues within the header section with the account/wishlist/search/basket icons, in...
  10. K

    Replace Three Header Columns With Master Slider

    I am using a child theme of Featuredlite. I would like to replace the three header columns with a custom slider with carousel. Would I have to edit the code in Featuredlite? If so, which file do I edit and can I do so without crashing both Faturedlite and the child theme?
  11. Heidi Lewis

    Header Logo And Menu Font Size

    Hello, I am trying to enlarge the logo in the header slightly. I am using a child theme and the custom CSS does not appear to be changing anything. I've also changed the navigation font to 15px, but the current menu item and hover item is still smaller. I've tried updating the CSS for this...