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  1. A

    Change icon cart button

    Hello, I want to change the button with the description to the icon only, what should I do?
  2. R

    re-scale or center slider images

    Hello, I love your theme and will buy the premium for the advanced features especially for re-ordering if you can help me with my issue I am experiencing. I use the slider and it is awesome on desktop, but it does not re-scale the images for mobile. If re-scale of images for mobile is not...
  3. S

    Icon issue!

    Hello! I'm working on a website with the Shopline Lite theme and I have some issues with the icon buttons! 1. How can I change the Links of the Icons? 2. Some icons are now squares and I don't know how to change that! (see photos) My website is seheartsi.com
  4. T

    Icons, share box and contact form problems

    Hello, I've found some problems on my new site: http://sg.imaginedesign.cz and I didn't find any help here. 1. Square symbols on Register button in header, then when mouse point on products on main page, in follow us section in footer, and on each product page - add to wishlist button and...
  5. V

    Icons Code

    Hi, I recently bought OneLine Theme and I want to ask where are the codes for icons ? Would help me that icons.
  6. D

    Need To Make Icons Not Clickable

    Hi there, Really liking this theme. Please can you help me with making the icons under the "My Services" section not clickable. At the moment if you click on them they just direct you to the top of the page. I would like to show my client a fully functional website before purchasing the...
  7. O

    Changing Icon In The Services Section

    Hi there, Is it possible to change the icons in the Service Section? And I mean to change them for my own pictures. Please tell me, if this is possible in the Pro version....then I will go directly to the purchase process :) Or does any other of your premium themes support this feature? Thank...
  8. Y

    Change Fa Icons Animation/transition

    Hey there, Is it possible to change the animation of the header fa icons (anim1) to be the same as the animation of the multi-feature fa icons (anim2)? So the shadow rectangle disappears and just the icon is colorized? Best regards, Yavor