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  1. R

    Image not displayed on product page

    When a product has several images the image on the product page is not displayed Thanks in advance Sorry for my English
  2. D

    CSS to force Featured theme mobile view position of header background image

    Hello I am struggling to identify correct CSS to force position of Featured theme background header image for small-screen devices. The default Featured theme setting for small screens appears to display the left part of header background images. I wish to force small screens to display...
  3. I

    Featured Image Not Updating

    Good day! On my website LittleLambDoula.com, I've attempted to set a featured image to appear on the homepage header (above the cloud SVG), but the image does not appear. I use OneLine for another website (indico.me), and these featured images show up as I expect. I'd like to figure out how to...
  4. ikshop

    Product Image isn't Showing at Product Page and Category Page

    Hello, My website URL is https://www.ikshop.in/ On the product page and category page, the product image is not showing on mobile devices and sometimes it happened on desktop devices also. Sometimes it is showing automatically. Kindly Go through our website and provide a solution if you can...
  5. A

    Image in shared link

    Hi!, When I share my web site link, the image is cut. Into the code that picture is responsive (style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" ), and work ok in each device, but it doesn't work in shared URL. How can I fix it? (I attached an example) Web site: https://www.anilu.online Thanks in advance!
  6. L

    Another Issue With New Version Of The Theme

    Pls take a look at the attached screenshots. You can see how the background image went up in 1.2.6, now going through menu and logo. How can I fix it, so it is exactly like it was in 1.2.1? This must be a simple css fix, right? Guys, this is really annoying, can't you make updates without...
  7. 6

    Front Page Html Error

    The background image isn't showing up on the mobile version. There's an un-closed html comment tag at the top. Can you please fix this? (see top left corner) http://www.fetchinfarms.com
  8. 6

    Slider Tiling

    I just ran an update for the theme and now the homepage slider is tiling the images. How do I prevent this? What size should the images be to prevent tiling?