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  1. A

    Set all menu items on same row

    Hello, there is a way to set all menu items on the same row? Example attached. Regards.
  2. R

    Can not disable sticky menu

    As the title says, I can not disable my main menu from being sticky on both mobile and desktop view. After testing I found it interesting that when I enabled it in "menu settings" it correctly displays the sticky menu in reverse field but when I disable the sticky menu, it then shows all pages...
  3. N

    Categories Menu | Always show all categories

    Is it possible to always show the full categories menu in topstore regardless if the collections in the menu are populated with products? Currently if I have an empty collection in the menu it will not appear. I want all my collections to appear at once regardless of their product population...
  4. S

    Almaira theme sub menu drop down is not working on mobile

    Hello themehunk team almaira is one of the best ecommerce theme , really its looks good but there is some issue Sub menu drop down is working fine on desktop but sub menu drop down is not working on mobile, i have tried lots of method but still its not working please help me. and another...
  5. J

    submenu items

    I am working on a site located at DWLI the submenu items are blocked by the main menu items as shown below. I have attempted to disable all plugins this has not fixed the issue. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue.
  6. A

    Responsive menu on Oneline Lite don't close

    Hi!, I noticed that menu in mobile devices don't close after user choose one option, is necessary go to "cross" and tap on for close it, How can I fix it?. I attached 3 images simulating the sequence. Thanks in advice. My URL site is: anilu.online
  7. A

    Responsive menu on Oneline Lite (free)

    Hi there!, please, I want to edit a little more my menu for mobile devices (responsive mode) 1. How Can I change background color? (by configuration I changed yet Responsive Menu Icon Color but when the menu is opened the color is still white) 2. How Can I adjust width in order to make the...
  8. A

    1. Highlight menu have a problem on OneLine Lite Theme (free)

    Hello!, please I need your help. Mi web is just one page, the menu works only to navegate trough sections. When it start, the first menu “Inicio” is correctly highlight (1_Highlight-Menu.png). After moving all along the page for a while, each time that you return to the top, the second menu...
  9. L

    Drop down menu widget for side panel

    Hi, We are running lots of online classes and I need to tidy the menus for these topics, so I desperately need to make this widget menu as a dropdown menu, it is in the right side panel. Can you suggest a way of achieving this please? Distance Training (menu) Can be seen down the side of...
  10. cc_vito

    Icon Search not show in Main Menu (Gogo free theme)

    Hello Themehunk, can I get help? How to show icon search in main menu like your demo? I have try via Customize>>Advance Layout Setting>>Header>>Main Header>>Last Menu Item--->Search, but still not show in frontpage. What have to do to make search icon show? My best regards, CC Vito
  11. E

    Anchored Link in Main Menu

    Can I crate an anchored link from the menu to the contact form in the home page?
  12. J

    How do I change menu button color

    I am looking to change my menu button (top right button) on my home page. My website is www.gulfcoastbk.com. I have a picture of the current color attached. Also I attached the section that I would assume would change the color but it doesn't.
  13. R

    CSS menu code

    Hi. I am trying to customize my top menu text, active and rollover colors and highlights for sub-menu items. My color scheme for the menu is dark blue background with active item or hover text as dark yellow. Sub-menu items have a light blue background with dark blue text unless it is active or...
  14. M

    Custom section widget - menu

    Hello There, I added 7 custom sections, but I have a problem with the menu. I gave each custom widget a section ID and added it also to the menu, but when I click on the relevant menu item on my website, nothing happens. Can you help me with making the menu work? Kind regards, Maartje
  15. L

    Menu issues

    Hi, I'm having a good experience so far, using the free version of Gogo. But there's something I can't customize in the menu. There's only two options (white bg with dark letters or the opposite). Ok then, but the links are always green! Is there any custom CSS code that I can set up and...
  16. croonhb

    css class per menu item

    Is it possible to add a css class to the menu items so they can be styled separately? Regards
  17. S

    Two line menu? Plus memu item opens up but new menu is replaced with old.

    1) My website get-the-solution.com has a few long menu items. I would like to cut them into multiline menu items. Example: Change "Plan for Top University" to be "Plan for Top" then under it "University" 2) I had to change it to be open menu link in new window because if I didn't then the...
  18. L

    Menu Color

    Hi! I'm migrating from OneLine 1.2.1 to 1.2.6. In previous build I had a customizer option to set different color for main menu for home page and inner pages (on home page menu items need to be white, on inner pages they need to be dark). I can't find that setting in new customizer. But it must...
  19. Y

    Menu Button On Android Not Working

    The menu button on Android does not seem to work as of today. When you click on it it just scrolls you back up to the top (the menu does not even show).
  20. Y

    Sections Not Showing On Top Menu (only Home)

    On the live demo you can see all sections (Home, Services, Team, etc), but I cant get it to show on mine. I'm using OnePageX and since those sections are not actual pages they don't show on the top menu. But it does on the live demo.. strange?? I want the front page to SCROLL down once I click...