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  1. S

    Novellite Demo import

    Hi, I am currently working on a website for myself. I want to use the layout of the Novellaw child theme of the Novellite. But in theme options there is no button or anything to import the demo of that child theme. Can you please guide me on how can I get that demo on my site? Your help will...
  2. S

    How To Add Privacy Link Next To Footer Copyright Text

    I'm trying to add my privacy, TOS links and a badge to the bottom middle and bottom right section of my homepage. I've tried adding an html widget using the customizer but it does not appear. Can someone please assist?
  3. D

    Need To Make Icons Not Clickable

    Hi there, Really liking this theme. Please can you help me with making the icons under the "My Services" section not clickable. At the moment if you click on them they just direct you to the top of the page. I would like to show my client a fully functional website before purchasing the...
  4. M

    Novel Lite Formatting

    I currently have the Novelite theme installed and am having some issues with the features working as advertised. before I purchase a pro theme. http://mackmetalworks.ca/ Example: Testimonials do not appear properly on the site. Section On/Off selection does not save and reflect my...
  5. L

    Button Slider / Team Member

    Hey, I use Novellite and a) want to remove any Button below the slider text but it still appears a Buy Now button and b) I onyl want to display Team Member picture and Name but under TM1 and TM3 Lead Designer and Lead Developer shows up. Any suggestions to fix this? Regards Alexander
  6. Marco

    Logo Size

    Hello, since the previous past updates, my logo has been resized smaller, even trying to update the page again with a new logo 400x100 it remains too small. Website is on http://soutez.lkza.cz thanks br M.
  7. H

    Lost Features On Site

    I just logged into my site... images are gone as well as some of the features.... testimonials and services areas. I did not make those changes. Please help. Stuttgartharvestchurch.com
  8. K

    Header Image Not Showing Up

    I cannot get the header image to show like in the preview, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong? Please walk me through how to add the full screen main image like it is on your preview for the theme. Thanks!