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  1. P

    Service section doesn't fit the icons in row format (it shows them in one column)

    Hello! I have several issues hoping you can help with all of them or at least some please: 1.- It's more like a doubt, why if I don't set a title/subtitle it shows a latin phrase? 2.-The demo of Novelpro shows the service section as three columns in a row (first image attached) but in my...
  2. S

    Mobile Version - My Account problem and few questions.

    Hey, I have few questions regarding TopStore theme. I have encountered a problem when going to "My Account" on Mobile/Tablet (see attachment). Everything looks good on desktop, but mobile version moves text under menu (Dashboard, Orders etc) leaving a lot of empty space on the right. That...
  3. A

    Image in shared link

    Hi!, When I share my web site link, the image is cut. Into the code that picture is responsive (style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" ), and work ok in each device, but it doesn't work in shared URL. How can I fix it? (I attached an example) Web site: https://www.anilu.online Thanks in advance!
  4. A

    Responsive menu on Oneline Lite don't close

    Hi!, I noticed that menu in mobile devices don't close after user choose one option, is necessary go to "cross" and tap on for close it, How can I fix it?. I attached 3 images simulating the sequence. Thanks in advice. My URL site is: anilu.online
  5. A

    Responsive menu on Oneline Lite (free)

    Hi there!, please, I want to edit a little more my menu for mobile devices (responsive mode) 1. How Can I change background color? (by configuration I changed yet Responsive Menu Icon Color but when the menu is opened the color is still white) 2. How Can I adjust width in order to make the...
  6. C

    unnecessary horizontal scrolling on the smartphone

    Hi, The responsive design does not work properly on the smartphone. On the Samsung Galaxy S10 and on the iPhone 6/7/8, horizontal scrolling on the front page is possible. As a result, some elements are only half visible and the page looks ugly. I am considering buying the Pro Theme but this...
  7. C

    Responsive website

    Hello, I created my website very nice thanks to Hunk Theme. My problem now is that the website has no mobile view anymore. Help, why not? on my phone, the page is initially displayed, but when I zoom out there is no mobile view more. www.hochzeitsfotografin-katrinpenschke.de Pls Help