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shopline theme

  1. DimDE

    Shopline free version on WP 5.5.1

    Good morning, After I updated my WordPress shopline theme had "The white screen of death". I have already checked what causing this problem and It's the theme. Here my website: https://jerl.store/
  2. dennerleindesign

    CSS Bug in the Header settings

    Hello, I have found now the third bug in your Pro Theme and I thought when I buy the Pro Theme, I have a professional version that is Cross Browser tested (Mobile too) and contains no bugs. Sorry I am just a little bit disappointed. OK the thing is in the header settings. Now I don't need this...
  3. K

    see widgets above - shopline theme.

    I have the shop line theme and in the mobile version I want the widgeds to be seen on the top (now you can see it at the bottom, and I do not like it :(), as I do that * in the mobile version *, the widget is see above.
  4. M

    Gradient Button

    Hi, I started with shopline lite and loved it but decided to buy the pro version.. I cant seem to find out how to make the Home section button gradient like it is on lite. Attached is the gradient button on the lite version. Need some guidance. Thanks
  5. P

    Front Page Overlay Gradient

    is that any possibility to change the overlay gradient colours in the future or the next updates? it'll really helpful, thanks
  6. D

    Alignment of elements - Cart Dropdown

    Shopline Theme: 1) On desktop, the dropdown cart can not be accessed. It has a position far to the right of the cart icon. 2) Alignment of Checkout, View Cart and PayPal Checkout buttons is not clean
  7. D

    Questions about Shopline Theme

    Hello, This question was previously asked in the General Discussion and was hijacked. 1. Fix a rapid disappear of the small screen drop-down menu. Clicking the three bars makes it appear smoothly, but clicking the X causes the menu to instantly disappear, while the X animates back to three...
  8. I

    Shopline icon problems

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone is having issues with some of the icons of this theme not displaying correctly? Such as the my account icon and the add to basket ones. Thanks for any help in advance guys!
  9. H

    Shopline Theme - Hide Main Header

    Is there any way that I can hide the header on my main homepage? For some reason, when I add a header image, no matter what the size, the theme zooms them in and it ends up looking pixelated. So I'd just like to remove it completely. I've already hidden them on the inner pages, but I see no...