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  1. GoranM

    Add to cart and info not showing on product page

    Hello! ;) So, I made a fresh install of both WordPress 5.5.1 on the server and Oneline-lite theme. Besides mandatory, I touched nothing more (haven't installed some plugins, added images, etc) and carefully proceeded with step by step installation procedure of the theme, did recommended...
  2. L

    Las imagenes no se actualizan - Image not loading

    Hi, i have a problem uploading header image from customizer but on site there were any changes. I have also a problem uploading price from woocommerce. from customizer after saving changes, they were not upload. Header image and price (ex: Campera deportiva Sport 2500$ <> a Campera deportiva...
  3. J

    Woocommerce images open but have no controls

    I am using the NovelLite theme (version 1.6.3) with WordPress version 5.2.2 and WooCommerce version 3.6.4.. On the page that lists an individual product, if I click on a thumbnail in the gallery under the main image, it opens the image with an almost black background and no controls to move to...
  4. A

    Error : Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, integer given

    Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, integer given in D:\Host\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\themehunk-customizer\shopline\woo\woocommerce.php on line 537
  5. W

    Woocommerce_cart Etc.

    Hello is it posible to make all woocommerce pages transparent by 50% ? right now they are all white!! and it does not much my page very well :( Hope on of you know what to do- maybe som CSS :)
  6. L

    Customizing Woocommerce Pages

    Hi! I'm now in the process of adding a woocommerce shope to my page. Question: how can I customize the default pages (like shop, cart etc.) and product pages? I'd like to be able to add custom sidebars for example.
  7. 6

    Woocommerce Error

    With the latest woocommerce upgrade, the invoice variation ID number is showing instead of what the name of the variation on the invoice. This is a BIG DEAL because the client has to look up the variation id to see how to grind the coffee with every line item and this is not working out well. It...