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1. Highlight menu have a problem on OneLine Lite Theme (free)

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Hello!, please I need your help. Mi web is just one page, the menu works only to navegate trough sections.
When it start, the first menu “Inicio” is correctly highlight (1_Highlight-Menu.png). After moving all along the page for a while, each time that you return to the top, the second menu remains hightlighted, instead of “Inicio” menu (2_Highlight-Menu.png and 3_Highlight-Menu.png).
How does to fix it?



Staff member
Hello there,

This feature will come in next update. Soon we will release a latest version then you can update your theme.

Kind Regards


Free User
Hey guys! Sorry to dig up this post but i just came across this amazing free theme and I am starting to make my website in localhost
I am facing the same problem as OP , my home menu item does not highlight when I scroll to the top of the page
I just installed the theme so i am guessing that i comes already with last updade but let me know if this problem is still going or if i need a update for my theme

Note I look into the Oneline Lite Theme support and i make my Menu as Home = #page-top

I look a bit into the code and I am guessing that the problem is because the Slider section is not inside of any "section" at all.. bellow the slider we have the service section and all above have a dedicated section id="services" section id="rebbon" section id="team" for ex and in the slider we only have <div id="page-top" class="slider">


Staff member
Hello @bmonk ,

Actually to check the actual condition i need to check your site. Could you please share your site link when it is live so that i can help you.

Kind Regards
Hey thanks for the fast response ! But I fix it

For everyone with this problem make a child theme, click on theme editor and under template click on section_slider.php

Before <div id="slider-div"> add this line of code

<section id="top" class="svg_enable active">

remember to close it with </section> (before <div class="clearfix"></div>)

Now in the Menus edit your Home url to #top

And that is it! Thanks for this theme guys I am having lots of fun
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