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Categories Menu | Always show all categories


Staff member
Hello there,

Actually the feature of theme is, When a category is assigned to any product then only it will show on category page.
So you can only show those categories there which contains product.

Kind Regards


Staff member
Hello there,

By default category drop down always remain open in site.

Is your category is closed initially? If yes then please share your site link.

Kind Regards
To date maybe someone can help me with something related to this category menu.

I would like to know how I can in the mobile version achieve that when clicking on the category, (example: audio) it does not open the page of that category but allows me to click the subcategory and enter it (example: headphones). Could it be?

I hope you understand me.

I hope you understand me. InkedScreenshot_20210301_103827_LI.jpg