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Duplicate form

Hi everybody, after Installing lead form plugin I create my first form. After this, I noticed that there is a lot of "Contact Us" form listed in the plugin page... I try to delete these forms but I can't.... each time I try to delete a form a new one is created... "No problem.." I let these form there... but each time I interact with the plugin (modifying my form, or opening the plugin menu I found a new "Contac US" in two days (I'was working on my form) I have more than 400 Contact Us form... I try also to remove the plugin and reinstall it... and also to remove the plugin delete tables in DB and reinstall.. the issue is still there... How can I solve?
WordPress 5.0.3, Single Page Scroll,


Pro Member
Staff member
Hello there,

Please deactivate all third party plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
I hope it will work.

Kind Regards
Thank you for your answer but the problem is still there with no other plugin activated...
I don't know how to solve... but I really don't want to use another plugin...
I have the same problem: after the installation i find myself with over 2000 Contact Us forms. I couldn't eliminate them all one by one so i cleared them all from the database with a simple SQL query. After doing that however i realized that the plugin keeps creating new Contact Us forms by itself every so often. After 5 minutes i ended up having 20 new Contact Us forms. It seems like a cron job or something keeps creating new forms.
Is there a fix for this?
Right now i temporarily fixed the problem with a very ugly solution: I created a scheduled event in PHP my admin to run every 10 minutes which deletes all the rows except the one i created:
The SQL command is the following:
DELETE FROM `rig_lead_form`
WHERE id !=your_id
See picture for further info on the solution temp_fix.png