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Hamburger menu for wider desktop screens

Hello, The hamburger menu only works for screens only so big. How can i also make it work for extra large desktop screens instead of showing each category at the top of the screen? When its not implementing hamburger on larger desktop screens and shows all of the categories, it takes up to much room and i can't use the sticky header. pinkbeachbabe.com
Your kidding right? I paid for Pro... I'm not going to pay for something that only requires a code.... I already can't use a lot of the custom sliders and other widget as they slow my website down.


Staff member
Hello there,

We are always ready for support but you are asking for custom solution that's why i suggest you to take customization service, please mail your request at our email id info@support.themehunk.com, our technical team take a look to your request and do it without any extra charge if possible.

Best Regards