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How to translate the content page of the user account area ?

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Hi, I am looking for how can I translate the content pages of the following menu (user account).

Account details

Menus above are well translated but when i clink on them, nothing is happening in french. While in english it works well. In "Appearance" and "menus", it looks identical between english end french, so i am lost. I see it is the "end points" menu. But don't know why it doesn't work?
Thanks for your great help :)
Hi, I did it already and it was helping me a lot but I still can’t find where I can translate this part ... if you have anything in mind ? Thanks again :)
Hi in fact, related to your advice I succeed to translate the menu. But the issue now is not the translation menu itsleft, as explained at the beginning of the post, this is the page related to the menu "end points" which are not displayed at all when i am in french, while the english is well displayed. Any good ides :) . When i go to "Appearance" then "menu" I see the following link on "orders" for example :https://support.themehunk.com/wp-themes/open-shop/account/orders/ ? how can i translate the content page then ? Thank you
Hi, yes this is what I am trying to translate following your screenshot. But it doesn’t show where to translate it from the plugin woo commerce. I gave you an Acces already to my site in personal message :) thanks let me know if disent work
Got it ! you have to :
1. Please open WPML -> String Translations
2. Open the Search filter and search for the String "From your account dashboard" and press the search button
3. Now you will see this string under the textdomain "woocommerce" and you can translate it.

if you still can find it, it was my case, then click on : "Can't find the strings you're looking to translate?" select all plugin + core wordpress, and apply. Then the stranslation is there :) hope it will help some guys :)


Staff member
Hello there,

For account page please make sure you have created "Account Page" and assigned that page in WooCommerce Settings.

And thanks for your solution about translation.
Feel free to contact again with new thread if you have any more query.

Kind Regards
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