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Internal pages

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Hello. 3 questions:

1. How do I correct the size of the header image on internal pages? The customize area says to use a pixel height of 0 then crop, but I can't set anything to a value of zero and the cropping function does nothing when I upload an image. The images keep getting cut off when I set them.
2. How do I remove the thin gray outline around the internal pages? I would like no outline.
3. On the static home page, can I make the header permanently transparent? Right now it's solid white and covers the top of my hero pictures until you scroll down, then it becomes transparent but it's dark. Can it be just clear transparent when on the home page and during the scroll?

Thank you!
1. The site is still in production mode so I don't know if this link will work, but I can attach a screenshot, too. I can't get the photo to crop or show correctly, even when I upload it at the recommended size (I can't set anything to 0 pixel height). http://jediting.com/wp/services/
2. It worked - thank you!
3. I do have the header transparent checked in that setting, but it still shows as solid white on the front page. It only becomes transparent when you start scrolling. This site has it fully transparent on the front page, which is what I want: http://www.creativeforte.co.uk/



Staff member
Hello there,

1. Use this code in Additional CSS "Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS"

.page_heading_container {
background-size: 100% 106%!important;
padding: 40px 0 105px 0;
3. We checked that option again and it is working. Please try it again and check then check your site.

Kind Regards
Hello. Ok, it's getting there - thank you for bearing with me!

1. That code worked great for the internal page header - thank you! Now, how do I move the page title back down to the bottom of the header image? Right now it's kind of floating in the middle (see first attached screenshot).

3. I have the header transparent box checked, but it still shows as opaque on the front page. Only when you start to scroll does it become transparent. I have attached 2 more screenshots to show what I mean. As an example of exactly what I'm trying to do, this site has the header fully transparent from the start on the front page: http://www.creativeforte.co.uk/

Thank you again for all of your help. I really love this theme, and it'll be exactly what I'm looking for once I get it all set up correctly!


Not open for further replies.