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Mobile incompatibility


Pro Member

I have a few problems with my Shopline Pro site on my mobile phone. When I go to the website on my mobile in portrait orientation all seems to be good. If i then tilt my phone to landscape orientation a white space appears on top, and i can kind of move the website out of the screen. When i then tilt it back to portrait orientation white space is added on the left and right side. (see the attached pictures)

My site: Mod' bySouk



Staff member
Hello there,

I have checked your website in Android mobile and it is working fine, please let me know if issue is occurs in any particular browser/device.

Best Regards


Pro Member
The issue occours on iPhone 12, in all browseres. I've tried Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, it's the same thing on alle browsers.

I tried on my Huawei, and you are correct, it seems to work fine on Android. I've also tried on iPad Air 2020 (4'th generation), it works fine also. The problem only occurs on iPhone 12, but how do i make the theme compatible with iPhone devices? I have other websites with other free themes and I've never experienced this problem before.
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