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Multiple problems with Top Store and Product Variations and Add to Cart

Where do I start...

1) When you try to add items to the cart, after populating the quantities for each variation, it will not let you add the items to the shopping cart, unless you choose a variation in the dropdown list at the top of the page, even though the product selected in the dropdown does not appear in the cart.

2) Once you enter the number of products in the quantity box, it shows the pricing at the top of the list, below the dropdown list, then the number of items entered in the quantity box, if there is more than one variation ordered it does not show up correctly, only the quantity of the last item in the list shows up, plus one from the dropdown list. For example, if I add 3 items of variation A and 4 items of variation B and 2 items of variation C, only the 2 items of variation C show up and 1 item of one of the other two shows up (sometimes at a different price). Then, when you press the add to cart and check the cart, the information is almost correct, the single item selected from the dropdown, does not show up (which is good because I don't want it to show up), but it is so wrong on the product page no one would want to order anything. Plus, if you don't select an item from the dropdown, it won't add anything to the cart and most people would not ever figure that out.

3) Trying to add the list of variations on the product list page, doesn't work at all.

4) There are plus and minus signs next to the add to cart button, they do not work at all.

The site is at: https://taosmountaincandles.com


Staff member
Hello there,

I checked your site and it is working fine. Please check this screenshot : https://jmp.sh/l3qhatY

For plus and minus sign i informed this to our dev team. They will check it.
Also let me know if you are using any third party plugin for this.

Kind Regards
What about having to use the select dropdown menu to select a product variation in order to be able to add to cart. I would like it to not be required to use the select dropdown in order to add any products from the variations list below the select dropdown menu. Yes, we are using the WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Premium by VillaTheme and the N-Media WooCommerce PPOM PRO and PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA to create the variation list below the select list.


Staff member
Hello there,

Actually product variation is handled by plugin in your site. So please contact support team of plugin. They will help you about this.

Kind Regards