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Problem in mobile versions!

Hy there. Can someone please help me with something?
I'm using the Top Store PRO Theme and in "tablet view", or "phone view", the Main Menu (which is in the below header section) it's to close to the "call" (phone) icon and it's a little bit of confusion there!
I want, if it's possible, to change at least the position. To change between them. The "call" (phone) icon in the middle of the below header section and the Menu on the right! BUT ONLY IN THE MOBILE VERSIONS, tablet and phone! Untitled1.png


Staff member
Hello there,

You can try this CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 767px){
.mhdrfour .below-header-col1{
.header-support-icon, body.top-store-dark .header-support-icon {
  margin-right: 15px;
Best Regards