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Publish in Customizer Stopped Working


I'm using NovelLite with Wordpress 5.3.2 and it has stopped being able to publish changes from the customizer. After making a small change such as inserting a single character of text, if you click the "publish" button rather than return "published" as it used to a week ago the button changes to "scheduled" and pops out the settings panel with the scheduled radio button selected. If you change the radio button back to publish it never actually publishes and the button permanently sits on "publish" no matter how many times you click it. If you leave it on "scheduled" and set a time in the future nothing ever happens (I'm not running a cron so I don't know how that is supposed to work anyway). If you "save draft" that works, but you can never actually schedule or publish that saved draft - it just doesn't work any more.

The only viable option is to "revert the changes" which works, but means I can now never edit the site again.

If you do not revert and click the "publish" button in a permanent cycle, then click the 'x' in the top left corner the browser pop-up warns that you will lose changes if you navigate away. If you continute to navigate away (without reverting) when trying to access the customizer again all you get is a white box on screen with:
"Your scheduled changes just published

Customise New Changes" <--- this line is a link

This happens forever, and repeats over and over if you click the "Customise New Changes" link.

Clearing all cache, restarting the browser and logging back in doesn't help, if you try to customise you end up at the above text in a white square.

The only way to restore access to the customizer is to restore a complete backup of the Wordpress database. Although that's not entirely useful as you can't ever publish anything ever again without a working customizer, the above cycle with the "publish" button just carries on over and over.

This has seemingly happened all on its own in the last week without me updating any plugins or theme. Wordpress hasn't updated either unless it's applied an in version patch automatically, but I don't think so and it's the current version. I've only been running this install for about 4-5 weeks and it's been perfectly fine until now.

I know it's not my plugins as I'm only using 4 of them, and I've tried deactivating them all in turn and reactivating, there is no difference (even when they're all disabled).

Why has the customizer "publish" stopped working all on its own with the NovelLite theme?

Can you help, as I really am stuck and spent a lot of time on the layout of this site.

My host is running PHP Version 7.3.16

Kind regards,


Staff member
Hello there,

Thanks for informing about your issue. I would like to help you but i can't.

Actually for that i need to check your dashboard and this is a higher level of support which is not allowed for free users.

Hope you understand.

Kind Regards