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Purchased All Themes And Am Having Problems

Hi there,

  1. Last night I worked very late trying to find out why I was getting errors on my Network admin in WordPress. What I found out was one of the plugins was adding a line of code to my html_Public/wp-admin/network/.htaccess file. For me to work again I had to delete the line of code. AddType text/html .php I am only using your themes and plugins that are required, so something is wrong there.
  2. Next is the problem that I cannot customise from my visit to the page. I have to go to Dashboard, Themes, customise. This is happening on all the themes loaded. But I then did a test sub folder and used the WordPress Seventeen theme, this allows me to customise from the visit page, works normally. Error below:

Click customise here, error occurs

This is the error. Blank page with “The requested theme does not exist. I have checked in the theme for sub folder and it does exist. I have switched off the theme network activated, which also does not change anything.

Please help with these two issues as I have promised clients it would be up and running by Monday.

I sent another email last night asking for the rest of the demo content which I do not have.

Do you have the demo content for Blog Angel, Pixline (shop & Blog), Novel (Interior & Agency), Doctorline.

When trying to use the Glowline demo content it comes up with a not compatible error.

A lot of the demo content in the themes do not look at all like the demo on your site. I purchased on the back of it being the same.

Blog Angel for instance looks like this:

Your demo looks like this:



Staff member
Hello there,

Images you have shared are not visible. You can share screenshot with the help of http://imgur.com/.
Issues :
1) You can make all themes network active. But not all plugins. Install all recommended plugins and activate it at respected site only. Don't make plugins network active. I hope it will resolve this issue.
2) For this we have to check your set up. Please complete first point. After that we will check for this point.

Thank You.
If you like I can give you the user name and password to see for yourself? I just checked again and cannot use the network admin, i will have to go to the .htaccess file and delete the code that it keeps inserting "AddType text/html .php", but i will wait until you come back with a fix for this.


Pro Member
Staff member
Hello Mark,

I have sent you demo file for blog themes. Please import it.
I have checked your dashboard but not found any error. Customizer import export plugin not visible to me at your dashboard. How you have imported previously given demo files? Have you removed that plugin?

Suggestion : Please concentrate on single demo first. Make it perfect. It will help you to learn complete process. Then go for other demos. Working at all demos at the same time will create confusion.

Thank You.
I did remove the plug, thinking that was the problem with the errors. If you go to depinna.com/wp-admin and then click on network admin, do you not get an error?? I get an error right now, the only way to get rid of this ids to remove a line in the .htaccess file as stated above.
I have heard nothing from you all day. You asked me to open this private conversation, but have not replied back. You replied back on the support thread, but everything you asked me to do has been done, I asked if you got the error, but again you did not answer. I need answers now, this has gone on long enough. I will give you one problem at a time until all the problems have been resolved.
First problem: one of your themes or plugins is adding a line of code to the .htaccess file in wp-admin/network directory. When this happens I cannot work in the network admin. Please sort this first problem out. I have given you my login details.