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ShopLine Pro

Hola, él adquirió tu tema y estoy tratando de configurarlo. En la versión gratuita puedo poner una forma de onda al color del pie de página, y en la versión Pro no puedo. No tengo la opción de color Con SVG, solo figura color o imagen.
También quiero saber CÓMO Modificar la sección a la Derecha. Que esta en El menú, Donde da acceso a la Cuenta, el automóvil y la Lista de Deseos.
No Pude change La imagen de la Página principal, el control de deslizante de la diapositiva, la imagen Gigante y La Opción de reducirla, sin Encontré la Opción de paisaje en Ninguna parte. ¿Me puedes ayudar? Gracias


Pro Member
Staff member
Hello there,

Could you please share your site address. So that we can check it and provide you possible solution.

Thank You


Pro Member
Staff member
Hello there,

Thanks for sharing site link.
For SVG we have informed it to our dev team, They will check it.
And for right side of header, four icons were added which has there particular working, Do let me know what changes do you want to make.

Also to change top main image you can go to "Appearance > Customize > Front Page Section" here you can change slider settings.

Hope this helps you.

Thank You.
Thank you, what I mean with the header is the front page hero, if you look at that section, the image does not look complete, it's very big and I do not have the option to change the view. Another sector that does not work is the category slider (woocommerce) only the title and subtitle is visible, but the images of products of the category that I select do not appear. It just stays empty on the web.
Bueno, el estilo Inner Page Hero tampoco funciona. ¿Podría decirme por qué todo funciona tan mal? en la versión gratuita no tuve ningún problema, y ahora todo se complica. ¿Pueden ser más rápidos para responder? o derivar al soporte de PRO por favor, necesito tener mi página lista y pagué el soporte y un tema que no funciona correctamente.
The buttons to add to the cart, add to wish list and see product in the woocommerce silder of the main page are deformed, should not look like this. I'm really getting frustrated.
Neither can I make my logo smaller, simply if I charge the smaller image, it resizes and the image becomes big again, I want my logo smaller because it looks giant next to the menu. You can not see the images of the products when you enter the product alone. This works very, very badly.
I keep getting the notification ""Lead Form Builder Addon Elementor" requires "Elementor" to be installed and activated." I have no idea what elementor is and I don't have Lead Form Builder Addon e85 fuel finder Elementor plugin, only the Lead From Plugin. Can you tell me what this means? And how to get rid of this notification? Thank you! - Christina