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Testimonial Rotation Speed


For the website me-doc.nl I would like to change the rotation speed of the testimonials to 20 seconds.
Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance.



Pro Member
Staff member
Hello there,

Go to Appearance > Customize > Testimonial section > Settings > Slider Speed and change speed from there.

Best Regards
Hi Karrtik,
Thanks for answering so soon.

In the appearance, customize, home testimonial settings, I can not found the button 'settings' so als nog the slider speed.
I can only set testimonial heading, background and the different testimonials itself.

I can only change the slider speed in customize, not the testimonial speed.

Thank you for helping in advance.


Staff member
Hello there,

Theme you are using is nearly basic version of theme. Latest version is very much improved. But you have to take some percuation before updating theme. Because you are updating from very old version.
Please try latest theme at localhost before applying it to live site (https://support.themehunk.com/docs/novelpro-theme/).
After that please follow this process carefully.

You can download latest theme from your members area.

Thank You.
Hi Satyendraa,

We tried to update the theme without loosing content at www.my-doc.nl
Unfortunately we are missing content and the possibilities to upload and replace content, after updating the theme.

Can you have a look with us & help us to find back the old content?

By example:
- Testimonial section: we only have a heading left. We miss all the different testimonials sliding by. In wordpress --> customize, we can not even put new ones, we can only change the heading, no other options are shown in customize.
- Team section: same issue, all content lost, no possibility to change or put new ones in wordpress.

Thank you in advance!



Pro Member
Staff member
Hello there,

Have you copied testimonial and team content as shown in this doc (https://support.themehunk.com/docs/update-novelpro-novelpro-unlimited/)?
If yes then download novelpro unlimited feature plugin from members area. Activate it and add copied content.
If issue still persist then provide your dashboard access ( Site link, Username & password). In a private conversation (http://www.support.themehunk.com/docs/themehunk-support-forum/#private-message). so that we can check issue at our end.

Thank You.
Hi Karrtik,

It seems de unlimited plugin wasn't properly installed. That's why we couldn't ad any content for testimonials and team.
Back on topic: after installing the latest update, we're now able to adjust the testimonial speed.

Thanks for your help!