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web page stop working after wordpress update

I updated wordpress to 5.8.1 version, since then I cann not see may web page. site stays in loading mode. address is balamenergy.com

I assume you mean you have a perpetually spinning circle and your site content does not appear, which is the result I see when I view your site.
The spinning circle / no load issue with FeaturedLite has been discussed many times on this forum, examples at

If your site has the perpetual spinning circle / no load issue I suggest you re-instate the iframe map in the footer, just as a test to see if the site then loads as expected.
Including iframe content is the only way I have managed to easily solve this FeaturedLite issue in the past; either that or using a browser with aggressive content blocking.

Otherwise I would expect TH moderator Satyendraa to offer assistance when the mod eventually returns to the site.
No luck. There was also a ThemeHunk Customizer update, also didnt help. Site is still stuck at the loader screen. Is our only option to change a theme? Devs seem to have abandoned this theme